The Volumicious Journey

Volumicious, A Multi-Award Winning Brand, was founded in 2016 by Zoey Mkabela after she lost her hair during pregnancy. The product was inspired by her BSc Honours project which she attained at the University of Stellenbosch which involved investigating a plant that was eaten by pregnant sheep, resulting in the new-born lambs being born without fur. She found that an active compound was responsible for this problem. She won an award for the best poster presentation for her research project. After hours, she started selling the products from the boot of a car at shopping malls while running a full-time and demanding job as a sales representative for a global company.The business and the distribution interest grew, which resulted in her leaving her corporate job in November 2019 to focus fully on the business so that she could serve her distributors and customers with a greater level of excellence.She opened her first hair clinic in December 2020 and second hair clinic in April 2023 and employs 16 full-time staff. The business also empowers over 200 independent distributors, both locally and outside the country. The business has 1 franchise store in Durban and has franchising opportunities outside of South Africa. One of the core mandates of Volumicious is to be a contributor to solving the triple challenges facing the country: Inequality, Poverty, and Unemployment through distribution, franchising, and having hair clinic branches.
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Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be A global and trusted leader in hair care solutions for all hair types
We want women everywhere to embrace their natural beauty and have hair

Our Values

Customer Engagement
Our customers is our main focus

We earn our customer’s trust

 We are constantly expanding our portfolio of products

We provide excellent customer service


A Permanent Solution to different hair problems experienced by Men, Women and Children.
A product that grows, restores, and maintains hair. The active ingredients in the product work on the root of hair follicles to stimulate hair growth, It is a product suitable for All hair types and textures: Relaxed Hair, Virgin Hair, Locks, Indian Hair, Caucasion Hair and Coloured Hair. 

Volumicious is a Blend of natural and essential oils and vitamins. It does not have sulfates and parabeans
It can be used for Scalp care, Hair care, After-salon care
A Permanent Solution: 
Alopecia( HairLoss)
Traction Alopecia/ Receded Hairline
Bald Patches 
Thin weak hair
Dry Scalp
Slow Growing hair
Coarse Hair
What sets our products apart is the result it provides, with Over 2000 Progress Pictures that show what the products can do.

A Permanent Solution to Hair Problems