Base hairline with the Volumicious hair food and oil interchangeably to stimulate hair growth.
Sleep in a satin bonnet or does to further protect the hair from breakage caused by snagging. The satin bonnet and does also protect your linen from the product in the hair. You can also use a shower cap to trap moisture.
Spray hair daily if plaited or braided to help retain moisture.

 Finger detangle the hair with the Volumicious conditioner before washing.
 Wash the hair at least once a week with the Volumicious Moisturizing shampoo.
 Do the Hot Oil treatment at least once a week if the hairline is damaged and if you have bald patches.
Moisturize hair using the LOC METHOD
Spray hair daily if plaited or braided to help retain moisture.

Deep condition the hair at least twice a month. After the wash step, place a generous amount of the VOLUMICIOUS Deep Conditioner on the hair working from the root towards the ends. Apply a plastic bag on the hair for at least 30 to 45 minutes to further aid the process. Rinse the hair after the treatment is complete. Style hair in a minimal tension, protective hairstyle E.G, Benny &Betty, twists, Cornrows

 Do the Hot Oil treatment once a week on the wash day
This is recommended for people who are struggling with receding hairline, bald patches, and slow hair growth.
Do not microwave the oil or the entire bottle because the radiation from the microwave kills the active ingredients.
Take a little oil and pour it into a separate container and immerse the container in hot water.
Wash the hair and towel dry.
Apply the warm oil to the entire scalp and massage for 5 to 10 minutes.
Immerse a hand towel in semi-hot water and squeeze water out. Wrap a warm towel on the head and repeat the process 3x.
Rinse out the oil when done.
Alternatively, use a hooded hair dryer at your nearest salon.

When using our products for the first time you may notice:

Itching. This is normal. 
Tiny bumps/sores. 

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