The Founder


Zoey Mkabela is the Executive Director of Volumicious Hair Solutions, a multi award winning brand, a hair product provider that provides a permanent solution to different hair problems experienced by men, women, and children. She is a born again Christian, a mother, a scientist who holds 2 degrees from the University of Stellenbosch. She has 10 years of Corporate experience and has worked for Global companies that gave her a foundation and experience in sales, strategic selling, customer service. She is a Vision Board Activist and believes in the power of vision. Her business career started in 2013, she started side hustling by selling custom made wedding dresses, hair extentions and had her own cosmetic brand called Zoe Creations. In 2017, Volumicious was lauched and she built it with her salary without any funding whilst staying in Diepsloot township.

Zoey Mkabela has a passion to empower others and motivates them to believe in themselves,  rise from the dust, have a big vision for their lives cemented by the word of God and to become the men and women that they were destined to become against all odds. Having gone through challenging years and conquered suicidal thoughts and feelings of failure as a result of life’s challenges, she strongly believes that everyone can overcome all life’s problems and challanges with a positive mindset, determination, faith in God and the will to see a better future. She believes that al things are possible to them who believe. When you fix your mind, you fix your life. If you can overcome the limitations that exist in your mind, rest assured that you are on the right path to achieving your dreams.